Circling, Arrest Warrant, European and International Warrants

In many cases, it happens that my Client has found himself on the warrant list, i.e. among public warrants for the public interest, or has been notified that he is among the persons wanted on the basis of an arrest warrant. Whether this happens unexpectedly or could have been foreseen, it creates the same situation from the point of view of the result, that they can be caught during an airport document check, or during a road or other check and brought before the authorities. The situation itself is problematic, since even in the absence of control, living with the knowledge that the person in question is being watched is obviously burdensome. The situation is exponentially more problematic if an international or European arrest warrant has been issued against him and he is wanted for this reason.

I consider it absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer in these cases, as the problematic situation must be resolved. Many people do not even know that the criminality of the crime or violation they have committed may even become statute-barred, that the case in which the warrant is issued does not necessarily justify their arrest, and that the case can be effectively handled with my procedure, that the warrant or the arrest warrant can also be returned can be drawn, but I could also list many other situations in this circle, when the situation can be handled and settled in a satisfactory manner with effective legal work.

In case of suspicion of a crime, the reason for issuing an arrest warrant, which is basically carried out by the police, if the warrant applies to the territory of Hungary, or by a court, if the warrant is issued on the basis of an international arrest warrant or a European arrest warrant, is that the suspect's place of residence is unknown to the authority before, if the suspect is in an unknown place, and obviously, if it can be reasonably assumed that he has escaped, is hiding, or has not entered the police station. In this way, the warrant will be entered in the official register, so in any case where a document check takes place, the system will indicate.

If there is information that it is a wanted person against whom an arrest warrant has been issued, he will be arrested and brought before the specified authority. This procedure, if the arrest takes place abroad, can take up to several months.


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